My name should be pretty obvious . It is right up there….see where my thumb is pointing!

The picture of me should make it somewhat clear what I do for a living.

My passion is to create characters.  I don’t simply “do voices” or “read copy”, although that is a part of the process.

When you call upon me, it is my task to speak truth, and create a real character with a life, a history and reason to exist.

In short, I am here to give your project, product or service a real voice from a character worth hearing, with something worth saying.

Now, that could be a loyal, clever robotic train, a dad bragging about the features of his terrific new grill, or a well informed company spokesperson!

Why I am creating is up to you!

So please take a moment, learn little more about what I do, and then we can talk about how to bring your ideas to life together.

– Ken