Hello! Thanks for Stopping By!

I am so pleased you chose to visit me!

Booth Thumbs HawkBIG

My name should be pretty obvious (..hint its in all CAPS above) and the picture of me should make it somewhat clear what I do for a living, but just in case you think I am headphone tester or a microphone service tech, let me be a little more specific.

My job is to create characters.  I don’t simply “do voices.”

Instead, I am tasked with the responsibility to create a character with a life, a history and reason to exist within the universe of a project.

Now, that could be a loyal, clever robotic train, a dad bragging about the features of his terrific new grill, or a well informed company spokesperson, teaching employees about a new aspect of their job!  Each one of these is a living character, who deserves to have his, her or it’s story brought to fully to life!

So come on in, and learn a little more about what I do, and how I can help you breathe life in to your next creative project!